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Passionate about public policy, eager to impact policy solutions locally, nationally and globally, looking for opportunities to grow your career in the policy practice, then the association is the right place for you! We have several membership categories which you can apply for membership:


Registration fee of Ksh 2,000 and annual membership fee of Ksh 1,000


Registration fee of Ksh 2,000 and annual membership fee of Ksh 1,000


Registration fee of Ksh 1,000 and annual membership fee of Ksh 500


Registration fee of Ksh 20,000 and annual membership fee of Ksh 10,000


As a registered as a member, you are able to enjoy exclusive benefits within the association such as:

Professional Development

Continous professional development opportunities including capacity development workshops, professional courses and mentorship programs;

Participate in Decision-Making

Opportunity to actively participate in the decision-making of the Association through voting in decisions and electing leaders in AGMs .

Unified Voice on National Issues

 As the collective and unified voice of policy practitioners in Kenya, you will be able to impact the development agenda by contributing to key national issues.

Increase Credibility

Increase your credibility in the policy field by showcasing your membership title to your peers via your website, resume, in business cards and on social media platforms.

Network with Big Players

Opportunity to showcase your work and network with big players in policy sectors such as government, academia, private sector, non-profit and think-tanks.

Exclusive Invitations

Receive exclusive membership discounts to high-level conferences, events and round-table meetings with policymakers as well as the movers and shakers in the policy space.

Career Opportunities & Growth

Get referrals on jobs, research funding, scholarships and fellowship opportunities. Launch your career through our career guidance.

Policy Updates

Access the latest policy resources and updates on policy and legislative issues through our quarterly policy briefs, newsletters and yearly reports designed to inform members;