Apply for Membership

Membership is open to individuals and organizations. You must be eighteen (18) years and over and meet all the requirements. You submit an application by filling an online membership application form linked below and paying the registration and/or annual membership fees, failure to which your membership application will be discarded.  Successful applicants will receive a valid membership certificate.

Full Membership

Full membership is available to any individual aged 18 years and above engaged in the public policy practice and meets at least one of the following combinations of education and/or experience:

  • Masters or higher degree in Public Policy in a credible education institution 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and three years of relevant experience in public policy 

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher degree in a relevant discipline such as Economics, Law, Public Administration or Political Science and three years of relevant experience in public policy

Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to those who have experience working in the public policy field but without academic qualifications in public policy. It shall be specifically appropriate for policy professionals with more than three years of experience in the public policy field and who have demonstrated interest in public policy.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is awarded to think tanks, academic institutions, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and other entities that work within the public policy field.

Student Membership

Student membership is extended to individuals who are students verified to be enrolled in Public Policy programs that lead to a Bachelor’s or Masters or PhD degree at an accredited university.  Individuals who have completed their studies and are about to graduate or have no more than 3 years since graduation are also eligible.